The Secret Society of Dragon Slayers

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I wonder "where the heck is everybody?"   I mean we have walks and runs and ribbons and campaigns for just about every disease known to man-kind. Every disease, that is, except HCV.  Now don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining.  I'm just thinking that the HCV+HBV 2-headed dragon takes out 5 million folks world-wide every year and nobody's even heard of the freakin' thing.  What's the deal here? I was talking about this to my sister.  She's had breast cancer. Twice. Both sides.  I got nothing on her as far as suffering is concerned.  She asked me what it's like to fight my battle anonymously, while her battle is always in the public eye.  I had to think about it but then I explained to her that we are Dragon Slayers.  We take some casualties.  But we kill a lot of Dragons. Killing Dragons is cool. The fact that we kill 'em and nobody notices is not that important.  You see we are THE SECRET SOCIETY OF DRAGON SLAYERS.   I suppose what I'm getting at is that our victories - most recently Kary - are not invalidated or diminished because so few are watching.  In fact, they may be worth more. I love you all.  And I invite you into the Secret Society of Dragon Slayers.  We need t-shirts. Possibly even a secret handshake.     Jack



You are so positive Jack. Love your spirit! Hugs, Cindy

Former Pres GWB said its a disease of junkies. Nobody wants to be associated with that!
Ignorance abounds.

I have felt the same way!

Love to see the positive attutide. I agree....where are the walks and the education that every other disease gets? I\'m down with the secret handshake! Thanks for the awesome post. Really made me think! *Hugs*

When I read your journal entry today, it reminded me, once a member had post the question, why the Dragon.?
That is when our darling Kristina (Rest her Soul), posted this info
Mind you, this is one of many stories, that joins Hep c to the Dragon.

Dragons are a source of both delight and awe, as they are so powerful and such a fantasy creature.
In Tibet, they say that dragons only appear to certain individuals and only then at certain times.
They represent \'eloquent speech\' in Tibetan tradition.
In the Chinese Medical system, dragons are said to be represented by the liver in the anatomical system, and all the anger and resentments are stored in this organ.
Hepatitis C is a viral condition which may destroy the liver by inflammation, and progressing liver disease, until a transplant or end stage is reached.
The dragon is used as the symbol for HCV.
The anecdote for anger and like emotions is to modify behavior, meditate to remove stress and practice the art of eloquent speech.
Here is a prose about the Dragon Of Hepatitis C.

The Dragon

I heard a story the other day, the mean old Dragon had gone away,
but when I looked what did I see? That dreaded Dragon staring at me.

I said, \"Hey Dragon, what is your fun?
He said, right off, \"Your liver is one\"

\"Well let me be to live again or let me pass in peace,
for this virus you are, is hurting me, I want some quick release.\"

The Dragon breathed his fire as his eyes turned crimson red.
\"I\'ll let you go when I want to, and then you will be dead.\"

Get tested for HCV today, you may have it and cannot tell as
it lies silently in the liver and destroys it without obvious
symptoms until it gets too late.

Unfortunately many many decades ago, when our soldiers went to war, the yellow fever as they called it, came around, and all soldiers were given shots, mind you all iwth the used needles, and the story goes that, that\'s when hepatitis c was born.
Which is why our dear Government is blaming the virus as a junky disease, they do not want the real facts to come out, which they are the ones, who experimented on our soldiers, with dirty needles.
Unfortunately my laptop is out of order, I had started reading a short story from an author/soldier, who wrote the story behind the hidden facts on hepatitis c, and there hands all over it.
I have worked on many many hep c message board after the combo interferon came in as a way to get rid of a once uncurable disease, and the more people who do these combo tx, the more they are interested in the birth real birth of the virus hep c.
Statistic showes that IV drug users have the biggest of the percentage in contracting the virus.
I totally dissagree with these %, I say the dirty tools in a hospital, dentist offices, and spas, are mostly to blame.
In our days, the members who do join message board, a lot more don\'t know when and where they contracted it, then those who have received transfusions over their lives, thoses who suspect the dentist office, since they never used or had transfusion, and those again who were at the hopspital for a stay, and never used IV drugs, so you be the judge, what percentage do you think all of those who have been through one or the other without using drugs, have caught this virus.
The secong I find this short story on how hep c was really born, I will let you know.
Thanks for another great entry, love coming and visit you.
I pray that you slay that dragon dead.
One day at the time
ps: I wanted to also thank you for your wonderful support these pass few weeks, you are a gem to me, and I am proud to call you my friend. Love Mac xo

Jack, thank you for that post - you are awesome and eloquent. I agree - we need the T-shirts and handshake!
Thanks Mckenzie - for your always inspiring and informative posts.

Thanks everyone! What an amazing poem Mac...

Hey Mckenzie,
Your right about the government infecting millions of military men and women with unsanitary mass inoculations without taking responsibility for it. Here\'s a great website that tells the truth: