the real article

I was just sitting here, reliving some past hurts my ED has aimed at me... like ya do... I was thinking about the times I tried to look into my daughter's eyes and appeal to her human side, the times I was standing there with tears streaming down my face, looking, looking for my daughter in those dead eyes...  And she would sneer at me and laugh and tell me to quit being so "dramatic."   These were the times when I was most vulnerable, when I was humble, and I was just me, looking for my kid...  So I'm sitting here thinking back, and  it occurred to me to write something down, I just kept getting these words in my head, it's like they were blinking, blinking, blinking, so I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote "I like me. My friends like me. I no longer care if you don't."
It sounds a little childish, I know, and I was embarassed to write it, so I folded the paper very neatly and put it in my robe pocket. And then I wracked my brains trying to remember where I'd heard them before... I knew they were from a movie...
Then I figured it out. See if you recognize the movie from this quote:
"You wanna hurt me?go right ahead if it makes you feel any better.i'm an easy target.yeah you're right. i talk too much; i also listen too much. i can be cold-hearted cynic like you, but i don't like to hurt people's think what you want about me.i'm not changing.  i like me, my wife likes me, my customers like me because i'm the real article. what you see is what you get."
...give up? .....John Candy in "Planes and Trains and Automobiles".
I'm the real article. I'm not overly dramatic. I was losing my child. I was watching a monster destroy her. Even worse, she's the monster. So I'm standing by those words. I like me. My friends and family like me. The rest can kiss my patootey.  I'm paraphrasing.



well said. loved this.
thanks for posting it