The Profession Of Security Guard



The security guard is responsible for guarding factories, facilities and services, public buildings, banks, schools, nightclubs and any kind of space.

Description: The task of the guard is to protect the life and property of individuals from theft, crime, threats, blackmail, clashes, sabotage.

The security guard can stay at a specific point and control anyone approaching or passing through it. In other cases, he is obliged to patrol on foot or by vehicle and to inspect the perimeter or internal facilities he has undertaken to monitor.

The materials used by security guards are patrol vehicles, weapons, surveillance monitors, metal detectors, cell phones, cordless, flashlights, floodlights.

In some cases, the bodyguard can take care of the protection and defense of the life of public figures (bodyguard), either during their stay at home or during their movement in public places.

Training: In order to become a security guard, only the completion of the mandatory security guard training is required. Previous service is not mandatory, but in some cases it is desirable. There are no special schools or institutions where one can study to work in this profession. Many guards, however, may be graduates of military or police academies or have been involved in various martial or dangerous sports.

Importance:The keeper needs to be dynamic, fit, sturdy and agile enough. The characteristics of the keeper include readiness, alertness, patience, as well as a sense of responsibility for his work. Fast reflexes, composure and boldness, are some other characteristics that are evaluated as positive elements for the practice of the profession.

The skills required to become a security guard are the ability to enforce, perceive space and react quickly to unforeseen situations.

Future:Today, the need to protect and safeguard people and property is growing. There are several job opportunities, but there is little certainty about keeping a job unless the security guard has been hired as a public or private employee.

The guard's fees are not very high. He seems to have a better salary in the case of senior protection, where his salary can be increased with special bonuses, off-site bonuses, or various gifts.

Work environment:The security guard can work in public or private banks, ministries, embassies and other public services, airports, public places, parks, train stations, shops, hotels, nightclubs, casinos, homes, schools, factories and businesses.. He can also be hired as an employee in a company that undertakes the guarding of premises, or the execution of remittances on behalf of third parties. In addition, he can deal exclusively with the protection of persons (ministers, bank presidents, big businessmen, etc.), or be active in a similar field, providing his services as a freelancer.


Professional conditions:The work of a security guard requires responsibility and constant vigilance. The dangers faced by the guard while performing his duties are many, due to the increase in robberies and other criminal acts. Work standing or sitting in front of the monitor, or at the checkpoint. His working hours include rolling shifts. The security guard usually works at night. Works alone or in collaboration with other people outdoors or indoors.

The guard is forced to move very often when working as a bodyguard, as he accompanies the person he protects, in all his movements, inside or outside the headquarters. The working hours depend exclusively on the contract, as well as on the schedule or the extraordinary obligations of his employer.

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