The Pressure

The subject of alcohol has been brought up lately and its the number one thing that stresses me out. My father is an alcoholic and there have been times where its been really bad. At a young age i promised my self that no matter what, i will never drink and i'm in my twenties now and i still have not drank, when people ask me if i drink i say no and they ask me why, when i tell them because i dont want to and because of my father, i see their reactions and they make me feel lame because i wont drink. I've had people tell me its okay to have one well its something i'm aganist and i have family history with. My dad , and my uncle many years ago was hit by two stupid teenage drunk drivers , i will not feel bad that i'm not apart of the crowd. Its really stressful and there have been times i've said, i cant handle this anymore i need a drink but thankgoodness it never came to that. People should respect my decisions.