The Perfect Day

So, I went to bed at 10 with double ambien and slept well.  Also, before I bed I read my verses I'm memorizing, some Scripture, wrote in my Journal and read Neil Anderson's "In Christ list"  This morning I got up a little late, weighed myself and am down a pound from last week, did my exercises, got some important phone calls made, went to a friends to drop something off.  Came home and took my 1pm-3pm nap, got up, taught piano, pulled out my paints and made 2 cards ... and then had a panic attack.  WHY???  I ate all my meals & snacks.  I took all my meds on time, and I had enough sleep.  WHY???  No matter what I do, it still hits me.  Every night.  It won't go away.
I see my new therapist tomorrow.  Perhaps she'll wave her magic wand and I'll be all better.