The Parade-7/24/2008

I did not go to the parade last night because my head is killing me.I very seldom get migrane anymore but with the anniversary coming I am getting a bit run down.Brad has been impossible as usual and I cannot take it.He is always doing stuff and when he does it,he forgets how he hurts me.The other day he did not come home and I received no calls until 6.30.He went golfing again with his buddies and this is getting to be a recurring thing.Brad has been golfing sometimes twice a week and i am getting a bit suspicious.But now I cannot say anything.For he is helping me with the bills.All of the money that my brother has sent me is gone and I have to borrow more for next week.I had to pay the phone bill and such and I cannot afford this house anymore.I am constantly broke buying food not to mention cat food.It has cost me over 100.00 and this is something that I do not have.But I refuse to relocate back east or any place else.These rough times for me will cease and I will come out smelling like a rose.