The new normal for me?

So, I have been about a week now with my left leg NOT RESPONDING enough to get up stairs. So, crying every day, looking up the staircase to my apartment UP that set of stairs, and feeling all alone about it.
I have a hard time accepting that I can't do something myself to fix it, by exercising for example. MY LEFT LEG MUSCLE IS FINE!!! It is not that! The goddam nerve impulse is not making it! If I can get the leg on the stair, the muscle can do it, no problem, but I have to use my arms to get it on the step!
I just wish that someone would understand!



:( I understand Anne! I\'m sorry! That has happened to me before. I have awaken in the morning and can\'t get out of bed. My muscles are fine also, but the little signals my brain should be sending to my legs aren\'t getting there. I wish I could give you a great big hug right now. Exercise helps, but as we all know with MS, muscles aren\'t the problem. It\'s our brains and spines that screw things up. I\'m praying for you, that this is only temporary, and that with time, it will pass. Please hang in there!