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Leaf-cutting bugs represent probably the most important herbivores from the Neotropics and give an appealing chance to deal with the part enjoyed by herbivorous pests by having a perspective that holds population- in order to ecosystem-level outcomes. Here we: (1) qualitatively summarize the actual several approaches leaf-cutting ants connect to foodstuff vegetation and their environments and also elucidate the supreme result of this sort of friendships with several firm levels; (Two) revise our own idea of leaf-cutting ant-promoted interference plans; and (Three) look at probable environmentally friendly tasks by leaf-cutting little bugs inside wording of human-modified panoramas to compliment potential study times. Very first, we discover that will leaf-cutting bugs show several herbivorous pests are able to create environmentally crucial disturbance programs by way of non-trophic pursuits. 2nd, impacts of leaf-cutting bugs may be seen from multiple spatio-temporal weighing scales and also degrees of biological organization. 3 rd, ecosystem-level effects through leaf-cutting little bugs tend to be habitat engineering capable not only of changing the particular great quantity associated with some other creatures, but also the successional trajectory of plants. Lastly, outcomes of leaf-cutting little bugs tend to be context-dependent, species-specific, along with together modulated through anthropogenic things blocking the path. Future study should take a look at how leaf-cutting little bugs reply to deforestation and impact staying vegetation within human-modified landscapes. Your clients' needs sometimes heterogeneity or even homogeneity, leaf-cutting helpless ants operate not only because agricultural unwanted pests but also because environmental crucial participants. A new herbivoria �� descrita como uma for?a evolutiva potente, mas seus impactos ecol��gicos t��m sido subestimados. Because formigas cortadeiras representam other do's herb��voros mais vorazes do's neotr��picos elizabeth, portanto, oferecem uma excelente oportunidade para investigar a papel ecol��gico de insetos herb��voros em uma perspectiva qui envolva desde popula??es at�� ecossistemas. Nesta revis?o n��s (One particular) resumimos qualitativamente operating-system resultados de diversas intera??es que as formigas cortadeiras mant��m com as plantas electronic o ambiente, (2) atualizamos nossa compreens?o acerca de as perturba??es causadas por formigas cortadeiras, e (Three) examinamos o papel ecol��gico das formigas cortadeiras em paisagens antropog��nicas. Como primeira li??o, since formigas cortadeiras nos informam que alguns herb��voros s?o capazes delaware gerar plans p perturba??o ecologicamente importantes via atividades n?o tr��ficas. Segundo, operating system impactos das formigas cortadeiras s?o percebidos em diferentes escalas espa?o-temporais e n��veis p organiza??o. Terceiro, operating-system efeitos causados no n��vel do ecossistema representam atividades signifiant engenharia capazes signifiant alterar n?o somente the abund?ncia do's empresas, mas, tamb��m, the trajet��ria sucessional idet vegeta??o.