The New Me

I still have the flu and even though I was feeling bad yesterday I went to my Christmas Dinner with the Charity Shop I've been a volunteer of since 2007.  It was thoroughly enjoyable.  Before that, after trying to blow-dry a badly-in-need-of-a-cut hair mop, I couldn't stand it: decided the haircut would be TODAY!  Finally I got the graduated bob I was working towards!  High at the back and angle cut coming down.  Really pleased with it.  People stopped me in the streets and shops!! 
The meal and atmosphere was fantastic and our security guard disappeared only to reappear - as Father Christmas with a sack load of gifts!  We all received chocolates or jelly babies, all gift wrapped, all got a card and out of 12 of us, two received a bottle of champers to thank them for their hard work. Guess who was honoured and humbled to receive one?  I really didn't expect it and gratefully received it.  I love doing what I am doing and just love helping people.  Every raffle ticket I sell goes towards heart equipment and research.  The British Heart Foundation.  I was delighted that a while ago we raffled off three Collectors Edition dolls houses with the furniture, worth over £100.  We raised £800 towards a heart defribillator machine in our shopping centre.  It was £1,600 but the other charity shops made up the rest, so brilliant effort from all the charity shops.
We also celebrated the 90th birthday of our volunteer with beautiful flowers in a basket; she was overwhelmed and a bit teary!  She couldn't understand why we would do such a lovely thing for her.  But she is a lovely lady. 



Oh dear Friend,

This is going on a long time...are you really taking care of ...YOU...carers sometimes have a harder time caring for themselves!

On a positive note, your haircut sounds fantastic...good for you for doing that!
And special congrats on your award, I know you more than deserved it.

Hope you soon feel fit as a fiddle!

Many healing hugs....

How wonderful that you give so much to the Heart Foundation.You are quite the busy gal.Praying you have a lovely week and holiday.Bless you.