The need for Mining Ventilation – Why is Mining Ventilation Needed

Mining industry is dangerous and it brings more risk to the lives of the miners underground. They take huge risk to bring the valuable minerals and ores from earth crust. In this aspect, it also becomes equally important to install appropriate Mining Ventilation to remove poisonous gasses from the mine and create a comfortable area for the miners and other workers.

Here are a few factors that stress on the need for Mining Ventilation:

  • The Mining Ventilation system will help to create better ventilation and air circulation to a large area

  • The main purpose of installing this ventilation system is to provide oxygen to miners and remove dangerous gasses and dust from the mine

  • It helps remove mining produces like NO2, CO2, CO and SO2 and methane, which are dangerous and poison miners

  • It helps to replace such threatening gases with oxygen

  • This ventilation system will help to keep a constant air circulation through mine and maintain pressure

  • This mining ventilation is categorized into flow-through ventilation and auxiliary ventilation. Both the types has its own unique things to offer

  •  This type of ventilation can help both cool down or warm air entering into the mine and thus make the environment favourable to the miners

  • By producing fresh air, this ventilation system will help the workers continue with their job without any disturbance or tiredness

The mining ventilation system has ample advantages to offer. However, selecting the right type is crucial to gain maximum benefits.