The most excellent time!

I went to a social group gathering with over a hundred people today. It was highly successful. I invited myself into people by shaking hands whereever I went, asking politely if they would like to e-mail. I met the most amazing man. Not in a romantic I want him way, but he was a true healer. He had pyrite gave me this crystal rod, and placed it over my heart then I heard him chant in words I couldn't understand. But it did not matter, because he suddenly broke his chant and said,"Does your knee still hurt?" I wasn't limping when I ran into him, I imediatly brought him to the attention of my group, and introduced him as the healer.I met and shook hands, I had decent conversations one one one with strangers, and it was fun fun fun. All of us on the same path, there for our own reasons, it was just lovely.