The mistaken place the media makes everday

If we continute to let the media run our our lives, things will always remain the same. I had a decade of clean cutting hurting myself or letting others hurt me, and let it all go, because someone hired a private dective to see what I was doing.
When the media does get alold of this it is going to piss a lot of people exactly like me who struggle for every ounce of food we get, for each grocery we buy, for every nickle we stuff in our piggy banks, and things will never change.
If I don't make a difference by learning all the things in life I learned by living it, I would have nothing left to give. THis is my only chance to survive, and I will be standing alone in it for the rest of my life, becuase these are the choices I made to make myself happy.



Yes, we must be true to ourselves.

The media is a propaganda machine and every place has different propaganda. I utilize the media, but I take it all with several grains of salt!