The lowdown

Been a long time since I posted, it seems. With my aunt's blog, I'm learning more about Wordpress & how it works, in addition to editing skills. Best part is actually reading the stuff, which is not bad! There are some serious holes in some of the stories, which I assume she meant to get back to & fill in.
I've been taking the bus to & from work every day for a few weeks now. It's definitely paid for itself. It's kind of interesting watching the people who get on the bus going up & then going back. Once my husband is back to work, however, I'll be driving again, since the kids need for me to have wheels. Unfortunately it'll be his yucky car; since he'll be traveling further, he gets the "good" car.
So far, it seems that summer school is going OK for my son. He has been on time every day so far & has even managed to eat breakfast at least a few times beforehand! I asked if he's been participating in class & he said, "It's hard not to participate with Mrs. B!" (BTW, the teacher he has for summer school is the same one he started sophomore year with!) Hopefully, he's doing his in-class work, too. I expect interims to be coming out soon. Let's see...
Last week, I started work on the church's envisioning committee. First go-round is defining core beliefs. It wasn't hard, but it was pretty interesting. Next time is core values. I just hope we have a definite schedule soon, so I can build in some fun this summer!
Work has been OK. Feast or famine at times, but that's par for the course. Today it's kind of quiet. I just have some boring library updates to do!
Family front is all right. I'm keeping the kids somewhat structured in giving them some daily tasks to do, like cleaning out their desks & dressers, one drawer at a time. This way, it saves me time, the task gets done, and they're not rotting on the TV/Internet all day long.
My husband has been keeping a bit more busy than before, or so it seems. He seems to be making progress in scraping the paint off 1 side of the house, to be repainted. He even weeded in one of the veggie gardens. And he's trying to do a few new things for dinner. Nothing fancy or recipe-related (God forbid), but he is trying to mix it up a little, which is good.
I haven't talked to my mom & have only FB'd with my sisters a little the past month or so. So it's been pretty quiet on that front! And peaceful...I figure, why stir up the pot? If they need me, they have my #.

So that's the rundown on my life lately. Just kicking back & doing what I need to do, in addition with reading & some family research.