The increase in the Apartments Tehran

Ways to increase revenues and reduce costs through rental apartments Tehran
Always keep track of the market rental apartments in your neighborhood. Rent their apartments to gradually increase in line rental prices in the market. And do it every year.
You can assign or warehouse parking to its tenants and the rent increase accordingly and to increase the annual rent prior notice. If you expect an increase in rental tenants have a plan for it.
Separate electricity meter, so everyone pays their bills, and most importantly have a good behavior by their tenants. So they can work with you and do not cause more damage.
Tips for reconstruction and repair of apartments
Be wise in the repair of apartments. Shpzapartman reconstruction and toilet service gives you the highest return. When designing a special reconstruction is a good thing but follow current styles and orientations
Do not overdo your apartment reconstruction. Do repairs should be compatible with your neighborhood. Offer price rent for your apartment and your neighborhood is somewhat depending on the Alley
Your apartment should be commensurate with the other apartments of the rent is higher and faster.
Every week, take time to beheadings and repair damage assign apartments. If you own an apartment, you will notice that there is always something to do
Most of the apartments in the first three years of reconstruction are doing their shopping. Reconstruction will do them soon so that you can take pleasure.
Do not remodel your apartment off the market norm. Do not become one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom villa matter is very beautiful, but in the process of renting apartments creates problems for you.
You just spend the money allocated for reconstruction. You've spent all the money for reconstruction bring to miss. Need as long as you live in the apartments until the reconstruction and enjoy. Do - - not wait just before the rental apartments will add a bathroom or change your Shpzapartman model