The Importance of Family

Being a willing participant in a family unit that works, that is loving, harmonious and functional, is a great source of peace, of heaven on Earth!  I've finally come around to this conclusion after three years of soul-searching!  When my brother passed, my family and I sort of scattered into the wind, and it occurs to me that he was the glue who held us all together.  He took great pride and pleasure in organizing family get-togethers, Olive Gardenio lunch on Saturdays at 11, steak cookout Saturday night, golf on Sunday, annual outtings to Super Chevy weekend at Moroso speedway, and it was all about getting "the gang", all of us, together.  I have that same quality.  I'm OK one-on-one, but I really enjoy being part of a team, a group, that functions well, that has occasional spats but with an undercurrent of unconditional love.  In this crazy world, it's a piece of solace and it's all we've got.  So I find myself, rather subconsciously, trying to form a "family" wherever I go, even in this community.  Some "families" function better than others, of course, but, if love is the goal, it'll work out just fine.  Just thought you guys might enjoy this.