The Impact Of The Quran In The Daily Life Of A Muslim

Islam is the religion of the Muslims, and the Quran is at the center of being a practicing Muslim or just a Muslim. While the history of the spread of Islam is shrouded in violence and force, Islam is a peaceful religion that is accommodating and welcoming to all other religions and sects across the globe.

We have talked about the Quran, the importance, and how a Muslim must learn to incorporate it in becoming a whole Muslim. However, for Muslims outside the Arabian Peninsula where the prophet lived, received, and practiced Islam, it is a bit difficult to get the right teacher to tutor you or your kids about the Quran.

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The Revelation of the Quran

After his encounter with the angel in the cave of Hira, the Quran has remained the centerpiece of our lives as Muslims. The pious Muslim hears the voice of Allah SW by reading through the Quran. Furthermore, the Quran is a guide and map, consolation, a promise of Allah to those that keep those that continue to read and obey the words of Allah.

For the everyday Muslim, the Quran is more than the words of Allah, but a shield against the wickedness and cruelty of this world. And the best way is to read, read, and read, the Quran until you become a walking Quran.

Quran 96:1-5, 73:5-8 are all verses that emphasize the most obligatory duties bestowed upon all Muslims which are not only to read, but to wake up in the night, and read this book fervently.

This gift for humanity should never be left unattended by you. The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad in small bits and pieces – sometimes a single verse, a couple of verses, an entire surah or half a chapter over twenty-two years in Mecca or Medina.

The prophet, on the other hand,-related the bits as he heard to his companion. No other person had any revelation of the Quran except the Prophet, which is why the Quran is such a unique copy, unlike any other book. It is a unique and divine instruction not only for the Prophet but for all Muslims now, tomorrow and generations to come.

To fully understand how the prophet felt and witness God in action, reading the Quran is the only way to achieving that.

The Quran and Muslims in the US

Muslims have lived in the United States long before, the US of today. Today, Muslims occupy 1.2 percent of the entire population of the US, totaling some 3.5 million Muslims.

These Muslims have come from all over the world to live and practice their religion –Islam. Islam occupied more black regions in the US, hence the reason why we see more blacks than whites as Muslim with their origin in the US.

Furthermore, the propagation of Islam came for the conversion of non-Arabs and non-Muslims into the faith, to help them understand the new territory. Learn Quran online in the US at

Learning the Quran Online for US population

For converts and people who don’t speak Arabic as their mother tongue, choosing to learn the Quran online can be a real confusing decision to make, while you are still thinking, the answer will be to free your mind and allow Allah SWT guide you to the right decision.

For prayerful Muslims, a nafilahwill help you make the right decision. Seeking knowledge is hard, and that of the Quran is not easy either, but online Quran schools are providing a better platform for Muslims in far and near places who want to stay in touch with their faith.

Don’t let the world cheat you from fulfilling your obligation as a Muslim, be wise.

Online Quran classes are just like a regular Quran school, but the lessons are taught through the computer. We have heard stories of bad things happening online and so on, but online Quran classes have proven to be a safe haven for adults and parents looking for a place where they can learn the Quran in peace.

It is one of the most effective methods of teaching the Quran to young and adult Muslims all over the US who have no time to spend in a regular Quran class.

So if you are still skeptical about enrolling in an online class, don’t worry, TarteeleQuran has proven beyond doubt why online Quran classes are the trending space for Muslim looking to learn the Quran without interrupting their regular daily schedules.

What are the benefits of learning Quran Online?

Online Quran classes allow you to connect with tutors, who are vast in the Quran from the best in the world. These tutors also have reputable references from Islamic academy across the globe too. The best part is over time you develop a Quran relationship that builds you up to be a better Muslim.

 However, to truly understand, and practice the teachings in the Quran, you need an online Quran school like TarteeleQuran where the lessons depend on what level of understanding of the Quran. So whether you are a beginner or a pro that needs to improve their Quran knowledge, is here for you.

If tutoring others on how to read the Quran is your dream, then be ready to put in your best as it could actually come true. After all, the Prophet enjoys all Muslims to learn and teach the Quran to all.

Online Quran classes like the ones provided at TarteeleQuran have given parents, young adults, kids and new Muslim converts the means learn the Quran in the comfort of their rooms or office away from the dangers that lurk in the dark especially for young children.

Furthermore, online Quran tuition  or Click Here cannot be compared to physical Quran schools in terms of the amount of fee charged to the student. If you are registering at an academy or Islamic institute, the charges are way higher than online Quran classes.

Ways to Boost your Online Quran Tutoring Performance

The Quran is not a learn today abandon tomorrow, it takes continuous practice by the student. Some ways to boost your Quran knowledge are


Reading the Quran correctly is fundamental to understanding the Quran, which is the Tajweed. Tajweed allows the reader to absorb all the rewards and blessings of the Quran. Reciting the Quran also makes you feel close to Allah and alleviates your worries, pains, and sorrows. In fact, the Quran is an immediate stress reliever as you read through the verses of each chapter.

The best times to read the Quran are in the early morning after the early morning prayers, Fajr. This time allows the Muslim to reflect on their lives and start the day the right way.

Abdullah Ibn Amr Ibn Al was reported the Prophet saying

“The one who is devoted to the Quran will be told on the Day of Judgment; read and ascend. Read it as your use to read it when you were in your first life. Your rank will be as the last aaya you recite.”

Abu Dawud and Al Tirmidhi

Reading, Translation, and Tafseer

For those that want to get knowledge, reading is the way to go. The same can be said of the Quran. The Quran is supposed to be a fulfilling pastime for Muslims and should be pursued by the millions in the US and other western states.

Furthermore, the act of reading it properly through eloquent translations and the Tafseer should be mastered. Be the best Quran reader; join the online Quran classes at


Memorizing the Quran is a part of reading the Quran. The Prophet couldn’t read nor write, so memorizing was the only way for the prophet to remember what the angel taught him in the cave.

Another Hadith that emphasized why Muslim should try to memorize the Quran is

According to Abdullah Ibn Abbas AS, the prophet reported saying, “He who does not memorize the Quran is like a ruined house.” Al- Tirmidhi

Memorizing the Quran will enable you to be in constant remembrance of Allah throughout your day. Whether you are feeling blue or just sad, remembering the verses of the Quran under your breath will keep you close to Allah.

Be Attentive

When you are done with your online Quran class, another way you can improve your understanding of the Quran is to listen to what you are learned. You can also follow prominent Quran Hafiz around the world or buy a good CD from the online class that allows you to stay in contact with the Quran.

If you are a non-Arabic speaker, learning or attending Arabic tutoring class will improve your understanding of the Quran.

Live by It

The Quran is a way of life, and as Muslim, we should translate the teachings into our daily life. For example, the simple act of interaction should be as stated in the Quran, treat people well and don’t cut people off or to important stuff like keeping promises,  sharing inheritance, paying good for evil, not partaking in revenge and giving alms. Whether you are a child, a Muslim by birth or a convert, with the Quran you can enjoy a good life and still enjoy JannatulFirdaus.

Teaching other Muslims

After you are done with your online Quran class with TarteeleQuran, your next obligation is to teach others. This will accord you two rewards – you get the reward from reading the Quran, and you get the reward of teaching another who will go forth to teach another Muslim.

Sahih Al Buhari – UthmanIbnAffan AS narrated that the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “The best among you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it o others.”

With, you can have access to the best online tutors that will coach you so that you can achieve your dream as a future tutor of the Quran. In addition to teaching it, you are indirectly propagating the religion of Islam the right way.

Becoming the people of the book

When you have mastered the Quran and attained the status of a hafiz, you are referred to as the people of the book or AhlulKitab. This is when you are now in sync with Allah and the teachings of the prophet.

Learning Quran Online in foreign countries

Islam has spread to every part of the world, but if you are a Muslim immigrant in Canada, UK, Australia or anywhere else looking to learn the Quran and embody the impact of the teachings, you can now enjoy online tutoring/teaching with

Why online Quran Classes are the best?

  • It is readily available – if you have good connectivity, a laptop or smartphone that is big enough to allow you to see your tutors. It is also a great option for working classes people, who have no time for regular classes.

  • It is cheaper – when compared to registering at an Islamic Institute, online Quran classes are affordable.

  • Choice of teachers – online Quran classes have highly qualified Quran tutors that cover all the various courses offered by these schools. For example, if you aim to learn the Quran, you will get a teacher who will put you through, teach you the Tajweed to sweeten your recitation and a host of others.

The Quran is an inspiration for all Muslims across the globe, now online Quran classes are bringing to your doorstep the beauty of the Quran it all its glory. Muslims, who choose to learn the Quran should also be 100 percent committed to the class, respect your tutor and try out the free trial, especially if you are choosing an online class for kids or your children.

The impact of the Quran only comes from reading the Quran properly; is spreading the knowledge of the Quran to all corners of the earth.

Learning the Quran is an obligation that all Muslim must indulge in; it will defend you here, and in the hereafter.

Learn Quran online today. Whether you are in the US, UK, Canada or Australia, don’t forget the Quran, register with TarteeleQuran online classes today.