The Hypo...28 February 2008

Well, that was an interesting night!!  Went to bed about 2am and found I couldn't sleep.  So, got up again and pottered around for a bit.  (When I say pottered, I mean checked online for signs of life...)  Anyhow, went back to bed at 4.30am (episode of Casualty was on...couldn't ignore it!)  Decided to take a temazepam just to give sleep a kickstart.  Next thing I know, I've got one eye open and I'm trying to shift the quilt, but nothing's had gone completely.  So, I gave up and drifted off again.  Then, I hear my dad calling me and asking if I'm OK.  It appears I'm not and for the next while (bearing in mind the angina/heart problems he had less than two weeks ago...) he's running up and down stairs fetching me warm sugary water....sounds better, but it's better than sugary milk or warm blackcurrant with extra sugar added - mental note made!  At this point, co-ordination still isn't back and I can just manage to sit up to drink the stuff.  I'm looking like someone who is incredibly drunk...all I want to do is sleep, but I keep getting handed more and more sugary water...which I keep drinking.  Eventually, my wits start to return and I begin to find the whole situation incredibly amusing....while still seeming quite drunk!!  Hee hee!  Somewhere in the middle of all this, I was handed some chocolate biscuits (Dad, you're a star!!).   I wonder what my sugar levels were throughout this whole thing...I've been 0.9mmol/l before and upright so I dread to think.  Why did I not test I hear you ask?  Because my testing kit was somewhere and I was vaguely pointing in the direction of it...but the strips would need replacing and....well, I didn't do it OK?!  I am just glad I woke myself up really - waking up to paramedics is not the nicest thing, unless they happen to be nice!!So, I've done the whole 'overeat just in case' thing today, have had the stonking headache afterwards, have been cold all day (feet have just warmed up, fingers are still cold....) and I feel generally tired.  Am meant to be going out tonight (am on the promise of a biryani!!) but it's a 40 mile drive...still, there's food try and stop me!