The heat has wave is over,,,for now.

Thanks to our neighbors to the north, a cool front emanating from Canada blew through here last week dropping the local temperature into a more reasonable range of 80-90. After the triple digit temps of the last few weeks, it is a welcome relief. 
As a result, the great outdoors beckons once again. I used the opportunity to attack a nasty srand of poison ivy the had taken root around our pine trees. I applies two coats of Round up Poison Ivy and heavy shrub killer. I don't know how well it will work, but it was nice to take some action. Hey, I'm fully prepared to give it a third and fourth application if necessary. That stuff can take over in a hurry,
Now if I can just do something about those pesky moles. I haven't seen them in awhile because the ground is hard and baked, but I fully expect the pests back in the fall. Ain't life in suburbia grand? 
I still take my daily walks at Walmart but have found that if you do it late in the day, say around 9:00 pm, it can be hazaedous to your health, That's when they do their stocking and you have all theses fellas with skid movers sailing up the aisles.
While most of them are careful, some of them will knock you into next week if you don't look out for them.
Other than that, things are going well.



Glad you got some relief from the heat. Chicago too. Hurray, it is California weather here minus the smog. I am loving it but I have this deep dread that winter is on its way. Yikes! :-) Re: the moles. Perhaps it is you that is invading their space. Just a thought Mr. Suburbia. Hehehe. Sign me, City Slicker just north of you.