The grandparents

sine ive been here in AZ, i find out the grandparents and i have more and more in common. and i have no idea waht happened to my ex, or how he became the way he was. he had anything he could have wanted, if he obeyed the rules. they were pretty much dream parents, in comparison to my life. its hard, all of this. they spoke to matt, didnt tell him i was here, but he called actually, to ":tell them that he was the father" and they told him that there was never any doubt. he says he wants his hame on the birth certificate, and taht he would never let anyone adopt her, that she was his baby, that he was enroling in parenting classes. but he would not tell them what he planned to pay for support, and he definately wouldnt call me. its all an act for his girlfriend. and as much as i love her grandparents, she will have my last name, or it will be hyphenated with an M. i dont want to discredit the gramps, but she is my daughter. and im changing her middle name to lynne. Ariyah lynne kluski. im just scared. he is so unpredictable. and my daughter is not going to be a tool to impress some bitch. and he cannot tell me that austin cannot see her. austin is her daddy. austin was there for us. austin loves us. austin wont leave us alone. my baby wll not be around his girls, who knows when he will change them up, like he did me. he cant have my daughter, HE CANT. he will hurt her.  i dont want to fight. i dont want to always try to figure out the meaning behind what he says, waht he is doing, what he is planning. as soon as i get back i am starting paper work for the parenting plan. im so scared. sure, the child support will help, but i dont want to deal with him, i dont want to see him. how many times will austin have to listen to me cry about my ex? he's been doing it since before we were together.  but she has these wonderful grandparents.... they are starting saving for college for her too, and they love her so much... really love her. i cant deny her that. they are such wonderful people. its so hard to believe that they accept me as family, they tell me so, adn try to treat me so. they insisted on taking me shopping today for clothes. it was so akward, having someone try to buy me things. of course i went to clearance racks, olooking for 4 dollar or less buys, while they pulled 50 dollar dresses for me t try on. nothing fit, lol, just a skirt. i only let them buy it and a couple shirts because they insised so, and said it would make them happy. i just love how they are with my daughter. this is so hard to accept. peggy hasnt taken off the necklace i got her for mothers day. i just dont think i can ever repay their kindness to me. and i know they would never let me if i tried. i mean, they are even accepting of austin being a daddy to ariyah and glad i have someone and am not alone. and me and austin are considering moving to AZ. the money is better here, the cost of living low, and the weather good. we could get ahead here, make a life here. and the grandparents say they will babysit gladly, and i believe them.... not like what is happening at home. and i wouldnt have to worry so much about matt.  they agree with me that matt shouldnt be left alone with the baby, and they dont know matts intentions ither, even though they love their son, they say they do not understand him, and it has been a long time since they did.   FUNNY STORY TO END IT THE GRANDPARENTS WANTED TO TAKE ME TO A MIDEVIL'RENNESAINCE STORE THEY HAD SEEN IN PASSING. SINCE I LIKE DRAGONS AND SO DO THEY. THEY PULLED IN TO "CASTLES" KNIGHTS AND DAMNSELS WELCOME..... lol..... IMAGINE THEIR FACES WHEN I HAD TO EXPLAIN TO THEM THAT IT WAS A PORNO STORE THEY WERE TRYING TO TAKE ME AND THE BABY INTO. THEY ARE VERY GOOD HUMORED, I SHOULD HAVE LET THEM WALK THROUGH THE DOORS AND TAKEN A PICTURE AS THEY LOOKED ROUND  IN SHOCK, THEY SAID I SHOULD HAVE TOO, LOL TOO FUNNY. WE ALL LAUGHED FOR A WHILE ON THAT ONE. I THINK IT WILL BE A JOKE FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.