the future

Today I decided to move on properly. I have left a few groups on here as I no longer feel I need to be reading the posts. This has only served to keep me living in the past. I am no longer the wife or patner of an alcoholic. I am no longer in a violent relationship. I am no longer sunbjected to verbal or emotional abuse. I left these groups as the no longer reflect my life now. I am a single happy woman and now is the time to concentrate on me and not my past. Since I split from my sons dad I have went through a series of self set goals and hurdles such as; becoming financially independent, finding the right job, my sons first birthday and xmas alone, the 1st year anniversary of singledom, first family holiday just for me and the kids. I've done that now. There's no more hurdles left. Time now to think of me. I joined a gym and am booked in for my first time this fri. I need to work on me. I am not goin to dwell on what's past anymore. I have kept some groups such as ibs and codependency as I realise that my codependency does still need work. So all in all I'm having quite a good day and I'm goin to try to stay positive from now on.