The funeral

   First off, I missed work yesterday as I felt horrible and have to leave for San Diego, CA on Saturday. So I just went to my Dr. office without an appt this morning and explained that I was leaving town so they got me in. I have strep throat and ear infection and just plain feeling like shit. The viewing is Monday and Funeral is Tuesday and we are driving down there from Utah. Its bad enough that I have to go to such a sad thing and then to be sick makes it even worse. I just hope I dont get anyone else sick.   Rachel was such a wonderful woman and friend. She has two boys but one of them died from cancer two years ago and the other one is in Iraq. Jimmys mom was my Aunt Alice and I loved her like a mother. She was what a mother should be. She was always so much fun and caring. She died from brain cancer when I was about 18 and it tore my heart out. She has four sons, Jimmy being the oldest and very successful owning two steal businesses in which Rachel ran one of them. Brent would be the second to oldest brother to Jimmy and he is schizophrenic and been on the streets for quite sometime. Jimmy found him at one time and gave him a job but he was to paranoid to be able to hold down a job. Scott the third child is a total meth freak and burnt out. Doesnt have a tooth in his head, what a shame. Justin would be the youngest and the most beautifulest of the boys but has also gotten into trouble with drugs and been in and out of jails and prisons. So my Aunties and Al and I are going to go be by his side. He is the most gentlest sweetiest guy I know. He's always wanted to take me and Al up in his plane but that would scare me to death. He was so much in love with Rachel, they hardly ever went anywhere with out each other. My heart is broken in pieces.   We now have 10 calfs but I have been to sick to go out to see them. We will be in San Diego,Ca for a week and with my luck the way it is going my kittty will probably have her babies all on her own while Im gone. But at least I will have Dakota and Als son and daughter in law checking in on them everyday. We decided to stay a couple of extra days because I have never been to Sea World or the San Diego zoo so that should take a little stress off the situation.  I would also like to wish you all a Happy Easter whether you celebrate it or not. I also would like to tell you just how much I love all of you and the support you have sent me.. I would not have come as far as I have without all of you. You guys mean more to me then I could ever express. I worship your friendships and your kind words.. Sorry I havent been able to send back hugs but this was the only thing I could get to while I was here.  Everyone of you stay safe and just remember to always say kind words to the ones you love as they can be gone from you in a split second. Smile at strangers and say hi, you never know what kind of helish existence they may be suffering through. It seems like I always feel better if I am out or in a store and have a stranger just give you a quick little smile. Also remember how much I love each and everyone of you.. You are all such special friends... Peace...                                                   I love you... Y'Vonne