the fun begins !!!!!

hi guys....well if i though this was going to be aneasy seperation my hopes were dashed yesterday late in the day, apart from believing she was going to sign full custody of our three year old girl to me was left in the cloads as i found out she is having second thoughts.  making up lies that she is ill and looking unwell just to make it even worst.
ive contacted a mediation service and go in on weds next week to put my terms on officialpaper and take it from there, in the mean time im still packing her stuff up and at the same time most of mine so that the house looks good for selling and when it does get sold there wont be much to more, my dad is going to come down each week and then we both go to his place to look at property,just looking at this stage, but ill start taking my stuff down there for storage.
this is such fun (not)........