The force of Ryan's spirit !!!

 I was driving down the road late for work one day... I was tail gateing as always, as I was putting on make-up while driving to work..I started to put marscara on, as I was putting marscara on I had to look up look down,look up look down as I was driving.. Now I'm comming up on to the set of lights, I just happened to look up as the lights turned red..The car in front of me came to a dead stopped.. I came up to the car soooo fast..I knew I was gonna hit the cars ass nd, all of a sudden I yelled OMG!... I felt this force of air holding me back in my seat(no seat belt on either)as I yelled OMG! I felt this force holding me back in my seat.. I smelt the scent of Ryan's Cologne scent, flow past my nose, I intantly thought Ryan's cologne!! His force holding me straight up against the seat.. Right then & there I knew I was gonna be ok..I put on the brakes so fast, when I stopped, the nose of my car was against the ass end of the other car..I stopped and said OMG Ryan, you saved my life... I should of hit the other car, there is no doubt in my mind, Ryan had saved my life.. So Yes, I do think Ryan is guilding me/Erica/ his families life.. yup he's that kinda guy... I Love You & hold you forever in my heart, Your, MaMa