The Flame

I was not in a good place last night so I decide to let my mind take over, i light a candle and this is what I wrote The Flame You watch the flamethey beauty of the fireso smoothso motionlessa perfect glowing point the flame it fills the room with lightshadows cast along the walls the flame so intense with colorburning brightyour eyes do not move its beautifulits peacefulyet, its so hot to touch the flame a breeze blows through the windowthe flame flickersalmost putting the flame outit regains its strengthburning brighter you watch the flameknowing how stronghow powerful it can be another breeze blows in through the windowthe flame will not go outno matter how strong the breeze will blow The Flame will still burn brightThe Flame will still be beautifulThe Flame will still be smoothThe Flame will still be peacefulThe Flame will still be hot