The End Of The World

The world is going to end on December 21st, 8 days after my birthday, in 2012. Aparently a meteorite called nibiru or apophis (not sure which) will either collide with the planet or enter our orbit and collide a few years later in 2029 or in 2036 depending on it's orbital rotation and alignment and junk and stuff. I was just saying this because this will destroy all life on the planet and we won't be alive anymore. For this reason I'm going to have a huge party on the 22nd of December to celebrate the un-end-of-the-world, or maybe not, I'm not sure. I just find this hype about this and the naivety of people about this and the lack of general knowledge about astrological movements really quite funny, I mean, if I said the decepticons were going to beat the autobots and destroy this whole planet there are quite a lot of people who would believe me even though they are from a cartoon (and on a side note, I'm actually going to see the new transformers movie with a friend from my old school which should be super fun, the graphics look amazing). Hahaha, people are dumb.    If you hadn't told yet I am actually in better spirits since I left Oundle and I feel pretty good, even though I spend my whole time on the interwebs youtubing and junk and stuff. Generally pretty fun and relaxing. Also I have a psychiatric appointment soon so I am a little nervous about that but, I still feel quite good. Not that it is that unexpected, I've had loads of really bad times at school so I always dread it and usually end up pretty worried about what is going to happen.    Anyway, sorry about it being so long since the last journal entry, I guess I'll write later even though home life is super boring. Byeeeeeeeeeee!!!