The End of Another Week

Friday, June 26, 2009 - 11:25 AM This has been one of those weeks that I would like to forget. It is not that it has been exceptionally bad, but I have not exactly won $1 million in the lottery either.   The Director of Nursing (Mickey) for my home healthcare agency came to see me yesterday. Dale had called her the day before concerning the theft of my pain medication. She said that he seemed very concerned about me. She also said that her agency had spoken with the nurse who I thought had taken the medication, and the nurse took a blood test which turned out negative. The nurse also had her doctor send the agency a letter stating that she was allergic to that type of medication. It was my feeling that the agency believed her, and that was to be the end of their investigation. Nothing was said about the possibility that she might have taken the medication in order to sell it.   I was supposed to go to the mental health clinic yesterday and see the psychiatrist who prescribes my medications. That never happened. Shortly before Mickey came to see me, I took my morning medications, plus some extra ones. While she was here talking with me, I seemed to begin having some sort of adverse reaction to the medicine I had taken. I became extremely dizzy, the muscles in my arms tightened and I could barely move my arms, and I had problems focusing my eyesight. Since Mickey is a registered nurse, a person might have thought that she would have noticed something was not quite right about me, but that was not to be.   After Mickey left, I called my transportation agency and canceled my ride to the clinic. I then called the mental health clinic and canceled my appointment there. I had called the clinic earlier in the week to get a refill on my medications, so this morning I had to call it again and ask them to mail the medicine to me. I will reschedule my appointment the next time I see Dale.   I managed to put off answering my brother's e-mail for four days. Yesterday, I sent him an e-mail telling him about some of the difficulties I have been having, and that I thought I would pass on going to a movie with him next week. I heard from him again this morning (he is very persistent), and he said I needed to start getting out more and doing more things. He said that he and his wife would be in town throughout the summer, and that maybe we could go to a free jazz concert together. In the meantime, he wants to see me next Thursday, and suggested that we possibly meet at a park for lunch. I am not too keen on this idea either, but have not decided what to do about it.   This morning I somehow managed to get my wheelchair tangled in my living room blinds, and accidentally pulled some of them down onto the floor. What with the mood I am in right now, I do not care if they lie there and rot until winter.



Jeesh. What a mess, Jim. What are the options in dealing with this healthcare agency? I don\'t think this is acceptable. My FIRST thought was that she was selling the meds, not taking them.

I just had some adverse reactions to people in my life that rendered me bedridden. It\'s horrible - the physical side of things. I wonder if you had an adverse reaction to Mickey. That is something I would do. I think I just got over a bout of the \"flu\" because being well would have meant seeing my parents.

Jim, how about telling your brother you need some time to sort through your emotions before connecting with him? Like ask him to give you six months to sort through stuff? Then you can see how you feel and see if he\'s a threat to your health or not. He has no right to tell YOU what you should be doing (even if he\'s right).

Getting out might be good for you but you need the right company in which to do so.


Oooh, I don\'t like the sound of that med reaction Jim...

I know this kind of week; not horrible but yet it just was chaotic in so many ways. Like I\'d rather have dealt with one big thing, than a bunch of little crap.

I like Sam\'s idea about asking for time to sort - but maybe not 6 months. Nature changes itself every 3, so maybe think in seasons for yourself. Just an idea. If 6 works for you, then do that.

Hugs and Mojo

Wow..we had the same week...cheez...
Sure does suck.

The secure thought is when we find ourselves on the bottom looking up, there is only one way to go from there.

Up is in your future, Jim.