The Dismal Miami Film Production Scene

Miami sucks.  Pretty bleak down there, boys and girls.  Most of the movies that come down to shoot bring in their own L.A. or New York-based crews, and, even then, a lot of these people are defecting to commercials, because movie producers always try to squeeze the cheapest day rate out of their crews because it's "bulk" (i.e. you're working steadily for 3 months on our movie, so, instead of your normal $600-$800 a day rate, you can work for $200-$300 a day because we're keeping you steadily employed for 3 months).  Commercial and music video work down there is sparse, you have to speak fluent Spanish, and, if one wants to get anywhere near the camera, one has to know the Director of Photography and be a trusted member of the crew that he or she can call (at a moment's notice). 
I guess I'm gonna focus on weddings, which are paying well enough to pay the bills, and push this marketing contact of mine to push hotels for more corporate work, which is very simple work and which could fill in the cracks nicely during slow wedding seasons.



Good idea. Maybe it isn\'t time yet for you to do film productions for the simple reason that the money just isn\'t there right now. I know that\'s your love; however, I think something may appear more appropriate for you as time goes. I want the best for you and all my friends, hon. Not second rate. Let\'s wait for God to present His very best. He always does, ya know. hugs, gret