the day to day of it

well, well, well..... the day to day of this detached surrender is hard when done uber correctly!!! last weekend we had another "discussion" because AH is not sticking to the two requests i have: remain sober and remember to be kind and supportive in my direction, since he is asking it of me.   i am well aware that this is very improbable. i listened to what he had to say, mostly bullshit since he IS drinking (i rarely confront or acknowledge that any more.) but he is upset with me because i am not happy with him and came very close to telling me that my discontent and confrontations are the reasons he drinks. 
so i am even more remote than ever.  i do agree that i speak the truth, i do not want to play pretend games any more and cannot believe a word he says.  i do agree that these new attitudes i have "hurt his feelings"  so okay, in order to stop hurting his feelings i must move on with my own stuff. oops here he comes .... to be continued.



Oh are doing a great job detaching. Keep on keepin on! (((HUGS)))