The day I lost my vision from a drive thru

Hey I just got in a fight and I lost my fucking eye sight
It's okay man we can go to Disney World
I lost my brain and I can swear it's not me but everyone else that's insane
It's okay man we can go to Disney World
I found the water hose and sprinkled lovely hyssop oil
Mary give me birth Mary don't leave this earth
I can learn to fly they teach you this in Disney World
Close yours eyes you can't deny
You need to watch out cause I have bad breath and I need to sigh
Give me a ride to taco bell fuck you man hell I can't see
My unicorn did a belly flop off a raindrop and feel in the sand
Would someone please lend her a helping hand
There is to much going on what do I do
Go get your brain washed at the drive thru
Why did you give me mash potatoes and tell me it was ice cream
You didn't take me to taco bell your evil as hell
just pull the fuck over so I can ring the bell
I'm stuck in a microphone but please don't you tell