The day gets better

OK, so today started out badly, but then I saw my nutritionist, my food for the week in tow. She flipped out and said that I need inpatient care. Of course with no health insurance, there is no inpatient for me. I am going to try to call a low cost medical center tomorrow though. She basically said that she was surprised that I am still moving around and she gave me a food plan....I am afraid of the plan. I have to eat 3 meals, 2 ensures, and a snack. The meals are going to be ok...but the ensures!!! 2!!  I am also not allowed to go to the gym...Wow and no caffiene...I am telling you now, I drink about a box or two of canned diet coke, 5 cups of coffee, and sometimes energy drinks to top it all off. I am super afraid of that one...  I am happy though thT i had a bad situation and I did something about it. I am happy that I am taking care of myself, because if I can't take care of myself, I can't help others, I can't love my husband, and I can't function. That is something to think about. Dominique out! "The perfect Anorexic is a dead anorexic"