The day before my first day

04/ 22/ 11
Well today is my last day of freedom before I get back into the workforce. I just went to the gym and played videogames as always. I'm happy that I'm going to be making money again, but I know things are about to get tougher. I'm still working on that game project for the school district and that still needs to get out of concept and into prototyping. I'll need the money so that I can subscribe to adobe flash CS5 for a year. I'll also need to save up to get Microsoft office 2010 which is what our game is going to be about.
On a more depressing note, I've noticed that some of my friends on here are having a hard time lately. It sucks just being on a computer and not able to actually help them when the chips are down. I'm going to keep doing my best to help my friends and others on here. I hope my new job doesn't get in the way of that.



I am sure that you will get the money needed shortly... and about ur friends, its really thoughtful of u to think of them...but just try not to blame ur self on anythin u cant one can make everyone happy....and i am positive that they are not gonna remain down for too long...