The Day after

I made it through the funeral.  It achieved what I wanted it to: my stepdaughter recieved closure and comfort.  Not many relatives came, but those that did remininced and were sorry that they hadn't kept up with him in over thirty years.  Some remembered him as a young man and had no other memories.  Sad.
My mother used to say bring my flowers while I'm alive.  I can't smell them when I'm gone.  I still feel the same way.  I would rather have contributed the 10,000 dollars to a charity.  An earthquake hit Haiti and people are begging for food so they can live.  My husband has plenty in heaven.  It seems such a waste.  I guess I will forever see funerals as such.  For me, take any organs that are of use and give them to someone who needs them.  Then creamate my last remains.  Family and friends need to get together with me now.  I would be happy to talk about the old days, catch up on the new.  Laugh, talk, cry.