The DailyStrength Hall of Fame is up!

Check out the DailyStrength Hall of Fame!
In January, we asked all our Members to join the Get Fit and Be Healthy Member Group and make a one-month goal with us. The idea? To take our big goals and break them down into smaller more specific goals.
One month goals give us a timeframe and a realistic expectation to achieve something smaller and more specific than just "lose weight" or "tone up." For one month, what will you do? Drink water with every meal? Give up snacks after 8pm?
Today, we have posted our DailyStrength Hall of Fame, which lists Members who have told us that they are either working on or have achieved their one-month goal. If you don't see your name on this list, or you would like to change your entry, feel free to PM jessica and let her know so she can add you. 
It's not too late to start your own one-month goal! Join the group, and tell Jessica what you would like to achieve so you can be added to this list as well-- even if you just started!
And don't forget, DailyStrength has a wonderful Goals feature that can help connect your network of DailyStrength support directly to your personal goals. Not sure how to start a goal? We have a Goals Tutorial that will take you through it, step by step.
This is an exciting day for us and for our Members on this list, and we just want to say: Great Job!