the calm before the storm?

I believe there's a storm brewing ~ so I can do one of two things ~ either ignore it and hope it blows over or I can prepare for what might come.  I already know the answer (the former) but even now, after all of this time, I something think I can do something about it.  What am I talking about?  T-Man, of course.  He was rather shady yesterday.  He left the house, without a good-bye, was gone most of the night and never answered his cell ring or text.  So - what do I do?  I check his room.  Found a pot pipe.  I know he's drinking and smoking pot ~ I know that and probably more ~ but for have him to leave this in his room ~ reminds me of the old days when he became sloppy about hiding things like this.  So ~ I'm going to ignore it.  If I get an opportunity I'm going to talk to him about disappearing.  That's all I can do.  Our son has all the freedom in the world to do as he pleases and it drives me nuts sometimes.  Whenever I tell my husband about something T did he'll say "Well, at least, he did that."  Yes - he looks at the glass half full when it comes to our son (maybe that's all one can do) but I wish we had some rules ~ even one rule.  A rule like "If you don't respond to our messages, the cell will be turned off".  Sounds pretty lame.  Been there and have done that.  It really doesn't change anything. *The good news is he is engaged in school and seems to like it a lot.  Hope that continues.
Oh - I wrote pretty powerful letter and, although I'm going to send it, I wish I could sign my name.  The letter is to our neighboring town prosecutor/school board member. The reason I wrote her is I had to remark on the comments she made in court (I saw on the news) referring to my new friend's twin 18 year old boys who were sentenced to 14 months in prison for selling and drug possession.  She told the judge that these boys have to be "severely punished" for what they did. They were looking at up to 7 years.  I was told later that when the boys' defense lawyer told the judge that these boys need help and have a disease, the prosecuting attorney said cancer and diabetes is a disease, drug addiction is not.  There is a lot more to the story too like ~ just before the boys turned 18 they were turned down by the court system for inpatient even though their evaluation recommended it. Seems to me these boys fell into the cracks and then they were being used as an example.  It was in the news everywhere.  Two white twins from a affluent suburb with drug problems ~ now that's news!  And the city prosecutor was taking care of the problem!  Now everyone can go back to their daily lives and relax, knowing that they got the bad guys!  Please.  * I didn't write that to her.  I didn't condemn her for not knowing anything about addiction.  But I tried to educate her and I am going to end the letter with some recommendations ~ being that she has the power as a community leader (school board member) to make a positive impact (like educate the parents) on drug addiction and also do her job on the other end (putting them "away") but doing it with more knowledge about this disease.  *Always something.