The Beautiful Savior

The walls are falling
Her heart is fading
It's to late now
Somewhere, someone is screaming her name
As her milky color paints the green
She whispers sweet words to the earth, crooning for her love
He leans over her, placing his fingertips upon her forehead
"Ná bíodh eagla ort a thuilleadh" Softly in her ear
Placing his lips to hers as he takes the last of her life, watching the glow of her eyes diminish
"Beidh mé i gcónaí tú mo chroí grá" as his soul is bound with anguish by loss



I think it turned from a poem to a story o.o How weird lol

First to comment your own thingy, how lame.

God. Do you really always have to be so mean. >;/ Can\'t say anything nice about anything of mine? Really nicholas. -..-;