The \"ABOUT ME\'S\" of my life!!

If you're interested in learning more "tid-bits" of information about me, feel free to read!!  It is a bunch of random things about my life that I decided to share!!  :)       ♥ i believe in God and in guardian angels ♥ i believe in miracles & having many hopes and dreams ♥ i am an orthodontic dental assistant *and love what i do* ♥ i love acting silly and carefree ♥ i believe in having crazy nights with friends ♥ i'm not very attractive and i have a fat face (sometimes i'm okay with that and sometimes i'm not ~ most of the time i'm not) ♥ i am stubborn ♥ i am always right ;) ♥ i think everyone should drive around in their car, with no real destination in mind, singing your favorite song as loud as you can with your best friend sitting next to you ♥ i think it's fun to giggle ♥ i believe in smiling until your face hurts and rolling on the floor laughing until you gut hurts ♥ i think lightning is gorgeous ♥ i love looking at the stars ♥ i love inside jokes that last forever ♥ i love pictures, but hate getting my picture taken (does that make sense?!) ♥ i've learned that college isn't as great as it's cracked up to be, but i've still learned a lot from it ♥ i've learned that living with a stranger isn't really fun ♥ i love country music ♥ i've decided that i kinda like coffee afterall ♥ i am definitely not a morning person, but lately i'm not much of a night person either... so i guess i'm an afternoon person!? ♥ i love children (most of the time .. hehe!) and cannot wait to be a mother ♥ i've decided that i really can have all my dreams come true ♥ i believe in love at first *kiss*, not sight ♥ i am a hopeless romantic ♥ i have the best husband in the world and that makes me the luckiest girl alive ♥ i work too much and don't sleep enough ♥ i hate valentines day, shopping, and chocolate ♥ i can be the biggest tomboy ever but still love being a girly girl ♥ i'm afraid of dirt ♥ i want to go sky-diving ♥ i loved bungy-jumping ♥ i love surprises ♥ i am pretty random ♥ i am the biggest clutz ever ♥ i believe in real, true, honest love ♥ i daydream and wonder ♥ i am genuine ♥ i take everything to heart ♥ i live on an emotional rollercoaster ♥ i believe that it's good to cry ♥ i hate summer weather ♥ i have a few bad habits ♥ i've learned that people change ♥ i absolutely love brett favre and the packers ♥ i hate doing dishes ♥ i can't cook ♥ i would love to go on a mission trip ♥ i think old people are hilarious ♥ i believe money is overrated ♥ i think that girls can walk around with their p.j.'s still on, make-up not done, and hair a mess and still look beautiful... although i don't think that applies to me (haha) ♥ i believe that doctors are educated guessers most of the time ♥ my favorite flowers are red roses ♥ i'd rather eat junk food than any of that healthy crap that my husband buys ♥ i get really shy and nervous around large groups of people that i don't know ♥ i totally believe in taking naps ♥ i procrastinate ♥ i love giving hugs ♥ i do this goofy little jumping thing when i get really excited ♥ i absolutely, 100% hate scary movies - don't even ask me to watch one... i'll say no! ♥ i love dancing ♥ i think about my future a lot and ask a lot of 'what if' questions ♥ i love water skiing and downhill skiing ♥ i'm not very athletic - nope, change that... i'm not athletic at all ♥ i have almost died a few times ♥ i believe there is not enough time in a day ♥ i can get lonely ♥ i have a habit of not saying how i really feel most of the time ♥ i put others first a lot... sometimes too much ♥ i believe that people deserve a second chance... everyone makes mistakes ♥ i love jumping into clint's arms ♥ i believe that girls have it a lot worse than guys ♥ i decided that girls really do talk about the weirdest things ♥ my nickname is beamer ♥ i wear glasses ♥ i have learned that life is too precious to waste it ♥ i always tell the people i love how i feel because tomorrows are never promised, and i've lost way too many loved ones in my life... so if i say 'i love you'- i mean it from the bottom of my heart