Thats a relief !

Well the last 2 days have been a bit of a rollercoaster. My wife left her new partner yesterday, because his insecurities were affecting mine and her relationship which, we decided should be friendly, for the sake of the  children. She deemed his insecurities as unacceptable and parted company with him - subsequent texts to me were along the lines of " perhaps we could get together for a drink and see what happens" Well her text to me this morning was telling me that she had spoken with him on the phone yesterday evening and they are going to give it one last try! I told her that this is now goodbye as I need to move on with my life - in fact I have met somebody from a single parents group - me and her really hit it off and want to plan a drink and a chat in London - for some reason I feel guilty about doing this even though, throughout all of this, I have been the injured party. My wife basically told me that this thing with her and her new partner may only be temporary and there may still be a chance for us. SELFISH isn't a big enough word and I just checked in the mirror and I don't have STUPID written across my forehead:) But I think after all my wife has put me through - I desrve a night out and some happiness - so hey I've said it all along - I do deserve better so am going, guilt free. Wow life really is a rollercoaster isn't it. Tony