That's what I get for thinking

Well, I got a bit on the cocky side thinking I had this thing beat!  That is what I get for thinking!  I am dragging my right leg today.  Balance is horrible.  I use my cane to  get around easier but my balance is so bad that  I find myself wobbling around on it.  I probably should have used my walker today.  I hate using the walker though. I feel like such an old person when I use it.  It is also hard to carry things with the walker.  I need to get a bicycle basket and strap it to my walker I suppose.   I thought I had this thing beat because I have had this miserable cold since last Thursday.  I hadn't had any signs that my leg was going to be affected.  My thought process was off but I just blew that off.  I should have known better.  I really wanted the anti depressant to be the cause of all my issues.  I wanted to feel normal again and not worry about when I was going to be affected again.  I was feeling so good and thinking I can do all the things I used to.  I could walk and wear high heels to work and be what I used to be.  Nothing like getting knocked down again by my body. 
At first I was just telling myself that it was probably just a fluke that my leg was still working when I got this cold.  I figured it would kick in sooner or later.  Then when it didn't, I let myself believe that I was cured.  Now, I am sad and feel like a fool.  I hope my new neuro can get me figured out.  I really don't want to go on for years and years without a diagnosis and no treatment.
Sorry for the pity parade. Just feel like the wind has left my sails....



We all have good days and bad days! I hope you get the answers you are looking for soon. I also hope that you will start to feel better again soon. Keep having faith. You will get better. I will keep you in my prayers.