Thanksgiving..lets honor Frank and others.

Lers honor Frank and the others by making the holidays as happy time and not a time of war.People just dont understand this.Every mother is different.We cant have our parents be something that they are not.We have to accept them as they are and acknowledge this..there are no books on parenthood.Parenthood does not come with a book.The World War 11 generation were overwhelmed and some of them did not help at that time because it was not available.Post Parum Depression was unheard of.It is only now that people talk about it.But cant people men/women agree that being a mother just aint all that great! Motherhood should not be forced on anyone.But when a woman gives birth..she has to do it alone.She gets no help at all in the house.I dont think that this will ever change..but I refuse to cook,clean and do things like a robot without any help.TakingĀ  care of a house is work enough.But owning a house hasnt been my dream at all.And at 61..I will never have a house..and I am glad about this.