So what is this day all about?  Family, Friends, Thankfulness for the past year, remembering the wonderful times, and also the sad times,
This year was going to be a big event, cooking at our house, family over to enjoy the great spirit. But what happened?  My life partner decided she wanted another family, another man.  So leaving my daughter and me abandoned to pick up the pieces that were shattered on the ground. Forever scattered, never to be repaired or reconstructed again.
Thankfulness?  Let me see, I am thankful my daughter is here and is safe.
this is my comment from yesterdays entry, i just wanted to share it:
Thank you, these are things i want to do and things i dont want to do. confused? yes but as you said, life goes on and I need to let her go, forgive her and give her space. Only God knows what will happen to her but for 6 years, I loved mightily, gave wholeheartedly, and was completely hers. Now I have a wonderful daughter who loves her daddy so very much. In time love fades, hurts mend, and life moves forward. It will take those sleepless night to get there, those long lonely days, but soon it will all blend together into another picture, one that covers the other up. God give me Mercy and Grace to endure until that time



And you can be also thankful that today is the first day that you can be in charge of your own happiness.