I keep trying to tell myself that I'm so thankful for having Randy in my life for more than 1/2 my life ... so many years.  We had such a great run.  Made 3 wonderful kids, one of which gave me the best daughter-in-law and a blessing in our grandson.  We traveled, alone and with the kids.  Enjoying every minute.  So thankful for him and what he gave me.  Makes it that much harder to do without him.  Half of me is gone.  I miss him today so much.  I miss him trying to steal a taste of the stuffing as I stuff the bird.  Watching the parade on TV.  Him complaining because they don't have March of the Wooden Soldiers on TV any more.  LOL  So many good memories ... they make me smile even with tears running down my face.  I just want to get through the day.  I miss you honey.  I love you so much.