Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I am hosting dinner this year for my family.  I will have 10 family members in town for the holiday weekend.  This is the first holiday I've had since my Mom died.  I want to do all things right , like she would.  She loved having the family for all the holidays.  It's somewhat more stressful since it's not just dinner, but everyone here for the entire weekend.  Six of the 10 will be staying in our house, but I do look forward to the time with my family. I must say I am feeling good.  I've been seeing a nutritional response specialist and the supplements she is giving  me have really helped.  I have noticed that I am handling stress better.  However, sometimes I wish I would get more help from my other half.  Why do men think everything gets done on its own?  I'll never figure that out. I am thankful for all the Lord has given me and my family, but I have such a difficult time praying right now.  Does anyone feel that?  It is so hard to stay focused.  We've had some trouble with my 15 year old son.  He is angry all the time and his grades are falling.  I'm very worried about him.  Every evening I try to pray for him, but my thoughts begin to wonder.  I hope the Lord hears me now, that we need help. I guess I don't have much to say.  I wanted to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving.  I wish you all health and peace as we approach the Christmas holiday.  I am grateful to all of you here for friendship and concern. Bless you All, Chris



I have a difficult time praying too. When I can\'t stay focused, I use short prayers. It\'s only important to stay close to God. Even if you can\'t pray at the moment, you can be sure that He hears you and He will help.

I\'m glad you are feeling good. Wish you a great Thanksgiving. Have a great time with your family.

Hi, Chris.
If it\'s not too late, ask the family to help with the Thanksgiving meal. The one who makes the best dressing can do it, the ones who do the best pies can bring them, the ones who have the best sweetpotato casseroles can make it, etc. That way it will truly be a family meal and you will have time to visit with them instead of being stuck in the kitchen the whole day and night.

Perhaps one of the guests has been where your son is now, in life? Maybe he can have a talk with the boy to see what might be bothering him. Hard time to be a teenager. Might he be worried about having to go to war? He\'s not that far from draft age, if it is ever re-instated. ( Pray it doesn\'t happen.)

Oh, most men are that way. First, mom did everything for them. ( It is the rare man who was lucky enough to have a mom who \'house-trained\' him--showed him how to do laundry, clean the house, cook. ) Then, if he\'s lucky, he gets married and the little wifey does everything for him. Oh, don\'t get me started down that road. :-O

You have a pleasant visit with family this weekend. And watch out for that kitty! Be wanting to \'help\' with the cooking. Been there, believe me.

Take care,