I can't believe that we are at the end of January already!!I had a wonderful christmas, It was good to have my daughter home for a couple of weeks. She is like a whirlwind of joy and encouragement. I just said to my husband this week " when I look back over the past few months I never thought the day of feeling back to normal would ever come, but it has and I am so thankful for it." I do still get tired at times but it is a healthy tired and not the exhausting dragging feeling  that no amount of sleep makes better.It is good to look to the future and make holiday plans etc. The one thing that I have learn't though is that each day is precious and that when I feel stressed ,I stop take a deep breath and remember that life is a precious gift , here to be enjoyed.I pray a blessing on all who visit this site, that you will gain strength and encouragement that you are NOT alone and that it in your dark days know that it does get better. There will come a day when you are back into your normal routine( whatever that may be for you!) and you think 'hey I feel good today"