Thank God its over

Christmas that is...Its too tiring and too much work.. I got up at 6am and put on the coffee..By 7:15 all 4 of the girls were up and ready to open gifts.once that was done I cooked this big wonderful breakfast for everyone..Did I get a thanks mom or that was good or anything ?Of course not..I did get a sink full of dirty dishes though..And I was so busy the rest of the morning i didnt get dressed until 10:30 and then we were out the door to my parents house..It was nice to see my brothers and their families..Lunch was awesome and then we opened gifts there.Then we headed over to my grandmas house..Of course I had a shit load of stuff to put in my car.and who helps me?My younger brother..because my kids were enjoying their toys and cousins and my so called husband wouldnt get up to help..Anyway grandma is always nice to see.Thank God she is still its late evening and everyone is tired and we go home..I have tons and tons of crap to pick up and clean and then I finallly get a chance to sit down and relax..Until my oldest daughter comes in the room and starts talking about her boyfriend and how we dont like him.blah blah blah...So I say to her I dont know him but i am willing to get to know him..And of course she is happy until Victor says I dont want to know him..attitude.He is so fucking annoying with that shit.He wont give people a chance and that is so unfair.So she leaves my house crying and I get up and leave the room.I dont need this shit..I am tired.i am tired of trying to get everyone to get along and they just crap all over my feelings..I am done with it..I really dont care anymore..I do what I am supposed to do..Where is everyone today?Gone.Except for me and the 2 babies..Alyse is with Neal,Taylor is with her grandma and Victor is where he wants to always be--in the woods hunting....So yet again I am stuck in here with no life..I love my kids dont get me wrong and Yes I know I had them,I let myself get pregnant but it wasnt supposed to be like is #1 to me but some people in my life have their priorities all mixed up..I wish I could close my eyes and open them and be somewhere else..Somewhere where i am not only needed but wanted and loved...



oh Tray! I so understand how you feel. I am so sorry though that I do! How I wish more than anything that we lived closer. We could just hang out all day long while our men do whatever the hell they want.
I wish I could do whatever the hell I want all the time but then the house would get messy (in less then 2hours). The laundry would get backed up and so on and so on. Imean its rediculous what heppens when i get sick. I am sick for one day and omg you should see what Mike and T manage to do to the kitchen. I cant afford to have a sick day in my own friggin home. I know you more than anyone can understand how I am feeling. I know you can relate to me 100% and probably add a fee hundred things to my list.

In my life Tracy you are needed. You are most certainly wanted. And without a doubt, more then anything loved.


I understand how you feel Tray, we all want to be understood appreciated and loved and it is pretty sad when we can\'t even get that at christmass.

It is sad that when you were trying to build a bridge to your daughter, your husband butted in the way that he did, that was completely insensitive.

I am sorry to be blunt but you should have told him where to get off when he did that.

Take care