Tests were good :)

So I got my HSG test and blood work for prolactin levels done on Wednesday.  Good news...my tubes are clear and everything looks good.  Also found out that my prolactin levels are normal.  Yay for something going right!!!  Had to get tested for a couple of STD's yesterday so that I could get Clomid to help me ovulate.  My dr gave me the prescription since she doubts I have any.  Still need to get my husband's sperm analysis done before I actually start taking the pills next cycle.  He should be doing that within the next couple of weeks.
Right now just using my OPK's, taking my temps and getting in lots of action.  Hoping my body might actually ovulate on it's own this cycle so I at least have a chance.  Just need to wait and see what my body decides to do.  I guess there are a fair amount of women who have gotten pregnant right after having an HSG test since the dye flushes out the tubes.  Who knows, maybe that's just what I needed and I'll get lucky?!?!