Ok everybody here they are ,     Test was done on the 8th   The day of my 5th shot                  HCV  RT-PCR ,    Quant                    Hepatitis C Quantittation             <43              IU/mL                                   HCV  RNA detected                    HCV  log10                            Unable to calculate result since non- numeric result obtained for                            component test .                    test information:                           The reportable range for this assay is 43 to 69, 000,000 IU HCV RNA/mL       My liver Enzymes are a little higer than last test  but still lower than before Tx started ..     What does this mean ??   I'm not sure myself  Wife thinks that its the best possiable news we could have gotten   I'm A bit afarid to say that it means I'm undectable until the doc says that ......   I guess I don't want to be wrecked that hard        Anybody care to guess....... If your right I'll send you a doughnut !!