Ten Closely-Guarded Arcade Game Secrets Explained in Explicit Detail

is?PkOAWtzAD_ASZWOrK7bglaBrhVtGt6mEYc_sNIf you thought the Ms Pacman cocktail arcade game was in the World Video Game Hall of Fame, you would be wrong. It's been on the shortlist for entrance -- it had been on the shortlist both this season and last year. It hasn't made the cut though.
In fact, zero 1980s arcade games joined the Hall of Fame this past year. That said, the judges failed to choose a classic 1990s arcade game. This was in addition to games console gamesconsole, a mid-70s text-based adventure game, and a game which was packaged free from the Microsoft Windows operating system.
Vintage 1980s (and Pre-1980s) Arcade Games around the Shortlist but Which Missed the Cut

These are a Few of the great 1980s arcade games that got cut in the final hurdle this season:
• Ms Pac-Man -- a finalist for two Decades now so, hopefully, it will Find the recognition it deserves in future years
• Centipede -- the 1981 award winning classic from Atari that offered gameplay like Space Invaders but with bugs instead of spaceships
• Asteroids -- the most brilliant multidirectional shooter released by Atari in 1979 which was among the very first arcade games to Attain widespread popularity

The 2019 Inductees

What about the video games that did get inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame this past year? Here they are:
• Mortal Kombat -- that is the only arcade game to get into the World Video Game Hall of Fame in 2019. Over the years, various versions and titles of the game have been published on a range of different platforms. The first four incarnations, however, beginning in 1992, were arcade just.
• Microsoft Solitaire -- packaged in the Windows operating system, it's been mechanically installed on billions of computers across the world. Since 1990, it has helped office employees pretend to be busy and is now played 35 billion times annually.
• Super Mario Kart -- the most fun and still popular racing game that was first published in 1992.
• Colossal Cave Adventure -- an obscure (compared to the other huge video game titles mentioned in this article) text-based adventure game published in 1976. To play it, you write commands and there aren't any graphics. The intention is to find treasures and solve puzzles.
Hopefully, Ms Pac-Man gets her opportunity next year. You do not need to wait till then to play it though, particularly if you have your own arcade machine. Check out our range today.