Tempoary Hiatus

Getting sleep is so important.
After my 3am closedown the other night i felt tired at work and a little bit less positive about my trip-down to a 7 so no big deal, just off the boil...
What if joe is an axe murderer, or what if we don't get on, what if we run out of stuff to talk about (but that's not likely given our itinerary and so much going on all the time) what if he doesnt feel able to go-would I still be able to do it, what if he has a crush on me and it all gets tedious fighting him off all the time????
went to sleep about 12.30 am and slept till 7.30 so 7 hrs sleep. Would like an extra hour.
Also I went off idea of Certificate in Decor (why take on too much) -would I be any good at it....?
Toady i feel positive about it again...need to phone them to ask a couple of questions. Like can I pay in stages as I go through course? When do i need to enroll by?
Lots of question marks in my life today.
That's good I am engaged in my life.
What else is new?
Weather has been crap last few days-but I am aware that its summer-something I often miss through depression. I am up to Day 15 of feeling good great stuff!
I have gone weeks before feeling good, and im not sure why I crash-but this time I am hopeful the up mood will last longer than a month i am hopeful I will stay up from now on. With thingst o look forward to and keeping busy. Writing my 5 good things each day.
Its all good.
I am really looking forward to meeting my DS friends.
And maybe writing my book...
Bye for now...



Well now friend I really have been behind on these journal entries I can see. First off you can hold an ax on me while I am tied to the drivers seat. lol Now as far as having a crush on you, I bet ever guy you meet does that, your just gonna have to role the dice on it i guess, best to bring Ivan or Arnie along. \"go get him boy\" lol Now as far as fighting me well I might challenge you to a game of tic tac toe. You\'ll never win. lol Sincerely now I hope my health and personal problems work out so that I can go with you. I really enjoy helping you plan this very noble trip but dear friend and captain please have a back up driver in mind. If you find a primary driver over me that\'s fine to but please keep me on the ship. I do love helping with the planes, your friend joe

Would rather do it with you Mr Mate- but there are some Plan B\'s if you can\'t make it....