Tell me I'm not crazy, but...

(Referring back to my 5/3 entry)....I posted the following on Facebook:
Yes! My aunt's apartment is being cleaned out this weekend. Her hundreds of books are being donated to, an organization that promotes literacy in the area. I'm so glad they found a useful home!
A few people liked, including my sisters.  then the comments.
Sister #1:  That's great news!
Sister #2:   stop thinking about that apartment... you did what you needed to do, so stop having it in your life
I mean, what the heck?  I reviewed all my posts in the past month & not once did I obsess about the apartment--or even mention it.  And in one phone call, I answered about its status because she asked me.  (The only thing I obsessed about were the boxes coming back to me, since that had the critical info.) 
In other words, here is another innocuous statement that she's decided to tell me how I should think about it---heck, not even about what I was talking about!
I mean, my aunt just died, which is sad, and something good is coming out of it, which I'm happy about.  And she starts nitpicking on something I didn't even emphasize?  Come on!