Technology -its a love/hate relationship for me

So I haven't been getting my DS Alerts on my email, don't know why. I sent a messge to DS & they gave me a couple of ideas that didn't work -aaarrrg! So I changed my email to Ken's for now & so now i will be receiving email alerts on his email so I know when one of my friends posts a journal entry. That's why I've been so absent.
Ken will not open them or read them because A - he respects all of you and your privacy
And B - He said he's sad enough, lol.
And C - he doesn't really know how to or even uses the email account i set up for him.
In a couple of days I will change it back to my email & hope the DS alerts come in. I get my other emails just fine so who knows?! I am technically challenged. 
 Chelsea, MissYouAlways had to tutor me in how to put a pic on my profile avatar, lol. But I did it. Chelsea, are you proud of me,lol? Its only took me a year and a half!
Love and peace to all, Linda